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Allianz Global Assistance

Frequently asked questions

  •   Are existing medical conditions covered?

    Existing medical conditions are not covered unless they have been declared and accepted in writing by the insurer.

    You will not be covered for any directly or indirectly related claims arising from the following if in the 12 months before taking out this insurance or booking your trip (whichever is later), you:

    a) have been prescribed medication;
    b) have received treatment or attended a medical practitioner for any medical condition;
    c) have attended a hospital or a clinic as an out-patient or in-patient;
    d) have been referred for tests, investigations, treatment, surgery or are awaiting results.
    e) have been diagnosed as having a terminal illness.

    Please click here to read the full Health declaration and health exclusions detailed on page 7 of the policy wording.

  •   Am I covered if I am pregnant?

    Yes, any unforeseen emergency medical and associated expenses will be covered so long as:

    • Your doctor confirms you were not travelling against medical advice and were fit to travel and able to undertake the planned trip
    • You complied with the transport provider's conditions of carriage relating to pregnancy

    You will also be covered for cancellation if you are advised not to travel due to your pregnancy or where you cannot comply with the transport providers conditions of carriage because you did not find out about the pregnancy until after the trip was booked or you bought this insurance

  •   What is a policy excess?

    You will be responsible for paying the first part of the claim for each person insured, for each section, for each incident. The amount you have to pay is called the excess. Under the Standard cover a £100 excess is applicable to some sections of your policy. There is no excess payable under Gold cover.

  •   How do I make a claim?

    Visit: and this will lead you to our online claims notification service where claim forms can be obtained immediately via email or by downloading directly from the site.

    Phone: 020 8666 0606 Textphone: 020 8666 9562
    Write to: Travel claims department, PO Box 1900, Croydon CR90 9BA.

    You will often need to obtain some information while you are away. The ‘Making a claim’ section of the policy outlines information and documents we normally need to assess your claim. Other more specific information may be requested depending on the circumstances. To prevent delays to the claims process, you should provide as much detail as possible regarding your claim. Please supply originals of all documentation submitted. We would recommend you keep a copy of anything you send.

  •   How many children can be included on a family policy?

    All children in a family (including foster children) aged up to 17 and in full time education are insured under a Family policy.
    Note: Under a Family Annual Multi-Trip policy each adult can travel independently, however all insured children must travel with at least one of the insured adults.

  •   What are the terms and conditions?

    No insurance policy covers everything, so it is important that you read the policy terms and conditions carefully to make sure it provides the cover you need. The policy wording will be sent to you with your policy schedule.

  •   What are my cancellation rights?

    If your cover does not meet your requirements, please notify us within 14 days of receiving your policy document and schedule and return all your documents for a refund of your premium.

    For policies bought on our website:

    Please call: 0333 207 0626
    Email us:

    For policies bought through our call centre or one of our stores:

    Please call:
    For Virgin Holidays bookings: 0844 573 0088
    For Virgin Holidays Cruise bookings: 0844 557 9734
    For Virgin Worldwide Journeys bookings: 0845 057 5657
    (Calls cost 5p per minute from a BT landline including VAT. Mobile and other providers charges may vary)

    If during this 14 day period you have travelled, made a claim or intend to make a claim then we can recover all costs that you have used for those services.

    Please note that your cancellation rights are no longer valid after this initial 14 day period.

  •   When skiing, what am I covered for?

    No matter how experienced a skier or snowboarder - accidents can and do happen! When you add Winter Sports cover, in addition to covering injuries and accidents on and off the piste, you are covered for extra things like piste closure, avalanche, ski equipment, lift passes and lessons.

    Winter sports activities covered are:
    on piste skiing and snowboarding, off piste skiing and snowboarding (when you are skiing within the ski area boundaries of a recognised ski resort and following ski patrol guidelines), bob-sleighing, cross country skiing (on locally-recognised tracks), curling, dog sledging, ice fishing, luging, mono-skiing, ski bobbing, snow cat skiing, snow mobiling and tobogganing.

    There is no cover for: heli skiing, skeleton sledding, ski acrobatics, ski flying, ski jumping, ski mountaineering, ski racing, ski radonee or ski stunting,

  •   What do I do if I need medical assistance when travelling?

    Please contact the 24-hour emergency assistance team on +44 (0)20 8666 0605 immediately about any serious illness, injury or accident abroad where you have to go into hospital, return home early or extend your stay.

    Tell them you have Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance in association with Virgin Holidays and quote your booking reference number. The lines are open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. For minor illnesses or accidents needing simple outpatient treatment, where the costs are under £250, if possible, please pay the bills, keep the original receipts and make a claim when you return home. If these costs are likely to be over £250 you should also contact the 24-hour emergency assistance team as soon as possible.

  •   What is the difference between Standard and Gold cover?

    The cover provided is the same but there is no policy excess payable under Gold cover. If you have bought a Standard policy, you will have to pay an excess of £50 per person, per incident under some sections of your policy.

  •   How is my policy delivered?

    For policies bought online all documentation will be emailed immediately. A copy of the full policy documents can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

    If you bought your policy through our call centre or one of our stores, your policy documentation will be posted or emailed (whichever you requested) within 5 days.

  •   Do you offer cover for over 65s?

    Yes, our Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip policies offer cover for those aged up to 70 years (65 years for Winter Sports) at date of purchase.

  •   What can I do if I am older than the maximum age limit?

    You may be able to obtain an alternative travel insurance policy by contacting: Free Spirit: quote code VHL 1000 Tel: 0845 609 8864 (Lines open 08.00am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday)
    British Insurance Brokers Association: Tel: 0870 950 1790 (Lines open 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday)

  •   Do you cover non-UK residents?

    No, you must be a UK resident and have your main home in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and have not spent more 6 months abroad in the year before the policy was issued.

  •   Can I go scuba diving when travelling?

    Scuba diving with an instructor to depths up to 18m* is covered as standard. If you have purchased the extra Adventurous Activities cover, you will be covered to depths of up to 30m*.
    * if you are qualified or are diving with a qualified instructor.

  •   What products do you offer?

    Single Trip, Single Trip with Cruise and Single Trip with Winter Sports

    Annual Multi-Trip, Annual Multi-Trip with Cruise and Annual Multi-Trip with Winter Sports

    For all products you can choose:

    • Standard or Gold Cover
    • Optional Wedding cover
    • Optional Adventurous Activities Cover (Category B)
    • Optional Cancellation Cover top up which provides up to £15,000 cover per person.

  •   What happens if my bag is stolen with all my travel documents and money whilst I am travelling?

    You must report theft or losses to the police or relevant authority within 24 hours of the event and obtain a written report confirming full details of the circumstances and items stolen or lost. Without written evidence of the loss and original receipts of other proof of ownership Allianz Global Assistance will not be able to make any payment to you.

    You should never leave personal possessions unattended in a public place. You should always take reasonable care to look after your property and treat it as if it were not insured. Cash and valuables should never be packed in suitcases or other bags that are checked-in or left in locked vehicles. The policy has as a single item limit of £250, a total valuables limit of £400 per person and a cash limit of £250 per person (reduced to £50 if aged 16 or under).

  •   Are my glasses covered?

    Yes glasses are covered up to the single article limit of £250.

  •   When do I need to purchase my travel insurance?

    Ideally at the time of booking your holiday to make sure that you have cancellation cover in place as soon as the trip is booked.

  •   What do I need to take on holiday with me?

    Please make sure you take a copy of your policy schedule and a copy of the policy wording - these documents contain important details and telephone numbers that you may require during your trip.

  •   Am I covered for cancellation?

    Yes, if you need to cancel the trip due to any of the listed reasons in the policy for example illness, injury or redundancy, you will be covered, subject to the policy terms and conditions, for any trip costs that you have paid and are unable to get back from your airline, tour operator, travel agent, accommodation or excursion provider etc.

    For Single Trip policies cancellation cover starts from the date you bought the policy. For Annual Multi-Trip policies, cancellation cover starts on the start date of the policy or the date you booked your trip (whichever is later).

  •   What vaccinations do I need?

    You should check with your doctor, who will advise you what vaccinations are required. You can also find advice online. Try NHS Choices - or Foreign & Commonwealth Office –

  •   Can I change my policy?

    We can amend or cancel your policy within 14 days of receiving the policy documents. After this you will only be able to upgrade the policy.

  •   Which Adventurous Activities are covered at no extra premium?

    abseiling, aerobics, airboat rides, angling (freshwater / pier / sea), archery, athletics, badminton, ballet, baseball, basketball, beach games, bird watching, body boarding, boogie boarding, bowls, bridge swinging (single), bungee jumping (single), camping, clay pigeon shooting, cricket, croquet, cycling (not bmx or mountain or main mode of transport), deep sea fishing, farm work (unpaid, excluding operating machinery), fell walking, fishing, fitness training, fives, fly fishing, go-karting, grass skiing, gymnastics, handball, high diving (in a pool), hockey, horse riding (not jumping), hot air ballooning (as a passenger), ice-skating (rink only), in-line skating, jet skiing (as a one-off only), jogging, keep fit, kite surfing, marathon running, motor cycling (up to 125cc and not main mode of transport), netball, orienteering, pedaloes, pony/elephant/camel trekking, racquet ball, rambling, road running, roller blading, roller hockey, roller skating, safari up to 16 days, sand boarding/skiing, segways, shooting (target), singing, skateboarding, snooker, pool and billiards, snorkelling, softball, squash, swimming, swimming and snorkelling with dolphins/beluga whales/manatees/ stingrays/turtles (when supervised activities with animals in captivity or in the wild), swimming and snorkelling with sharks (when a supervised activity with animals in captivity only), table tennis, tenpin bowling, tennis, trampolining, trekking/walking (up to maximum height of 3,000 metres), volleyball, weight training, whale watching, zip wiring, 4X4 trips (passenger on a tour only).

    You are also covered at no extra premium for the following when in a pool or inland waters within a 12 mile limit:
    boating, canoeing (up to grade 3), parascending over water (towed by boat), kayaking (up to grade 2 - not white water), rafting (up to grade 3), rowing, sailing, scuba diving (to 18 metres), snorkelling, surfing, swimming, water polo, water skiing, wind surfing, yachting.

  •   Which Adventurous Activities are covered for an extra premium?

    backpacking, bridge swinging (more than one), bungee jumping (more than one), caving, cycling (main mode of transport), fencing, football tours (taking part, not professional/semi), gaelic football (taking part not professional/semi), hang gliding, hiking, hill walking, hunting, judo, lacrosse, low impact 4x4 driving, luge, martial arts, motor cycling (main mode of transport), mountain biking (including guided tours), parachuting/skydiving (1 solo or tandem jump only. No extended free fall or acrobatics), paragliding, polo, potholing, quad biking (when a supervised activity and wearing crash helmets), rock climbing (when a supervised activity only), safari over 17 days, sand yachting, scuba diving (18 to 30 metres), swimming and snorkelling with sharks (when a supervised activity in the wild with or without a cage), spear fishing (without tanks), street luge (designated course), trekking (up to 5,449 metres), triathlon, trekking/walking (between heights of 3,001 and 5,449 metres), weight lifting.

    You are also covered at an extra premium for the following when in a pool or inland waters within a 12 mile limit:
    Rafting (grade 4 and 5), canoeing (grade 4 and 5).

  •   Which activities are not covered under any circumstances?

    American football, boxing, canoeing (above grade 5), canyoning, cliff diving, endurance races, flying (except passengers in licensed passenger-carrying aircraft), football tours (taking part and professional/semi), gaelic football (taking part and professional/semi), glider flying, manual work (with machinery or in the building or construction trade), microlight flying, mountaineering (ropes and/or guides), parachuting/skydiving (more than 1 solo or tandem jump or extended free fall or acrobatics), private flying, rafting (above grade 5), rugby (taking part), scuba diving (in excess of 30 metres), sky surfing, trekking/walking (over 5,450 metres), working with children in any capacity, wrestling.

    There is no cover for:

    • any professional sporting activity, or
    • any kind of racing except racing on foot, or
    • any kind of manual work (except as described under Category A)

  •   What does ‘Cruise cover’ include?

    Where you have bought a Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip policy with Cruise cover the following is provided:
    Cruise connection - for the cost of extra accommodation and transport which you have to pay to be able to join your cruise at its next port of call because you do not get to the departure point on time as a result of:

    • public transport (including scheduled flights) not running to its timetable;
    • the vehicle you are travelling in having an accident or breaking down
    • the vehicle you are travelling in being involved in a traffic jam;
    • industrial action; or
    • bad weather.

    Missed port – if the cruise ship you are booked on is unable to make a scheduled port stop because of one of the following and no alternative docking or financial compensation (including on-board credit) is offered:

    • bad weather;
    • timetable restrictions.

    Cabin confinement- if the treating doctor confines you to your cabin during your trip for medical reasons.

    Excursions – that you are unable go on because:

    • the treating doctor confines you to your cabin during your trip for medical reasons;
    • the cruise ship you are booked on is unable make a scheduled port stop because of bad weather or timetable restrictions.

  •   What does “Wedding cover” include?

    Where you have paid the additional premium to include Wedding cover your wedding clothes, wedding rings, wedding photographs and video will be covered if they are lost, stolen or damaged during the trip. You will also be covered to hire another professional photographer if the one you booked is unable to attend due to illness, injury or circumstances beyond their control.

  •   Is a child free with an adult?

    1 child (aged 17 or under and in full time education) per adult can be insured free of charge, when travelling with an insured adult on the same policy. This means that grandparent(s) travelling with their grandchildren can be insured under the same policy if required.

  •   How many times a year can I travel on an Annual Multi-Trip policy?

    You can travel on unlimited trips up to a maximum of 42 days per trip. There is absolutely no cover offered by this policy whatsoever for trips which are longer than the 42 days per trip. This would include not insuring you for any part of a trip that is longer than 42 days in duration.

  •   What do I do if I want to check whether my existing medical condition can be covered?

    Contact AZGA HealthScreen by phone on: 0845 641 9723 or online

  •   How much cancellation cover do I have and can I increase this?

    Our policies offer £5,000 per person. However, by paying the additional premium for Cancellation Top up increases cancellation cover to a maximum of £15,000 per person.

  •   If I don’t make it onto an excursion I have pre-booked am I covered?

    Cover is provided for any pre-booked excursions which you are unable to attend due to illness or injury.

  •   Do I have to tell you all the countries I am visiting?

    You do not need to tell us which countries you are travelling to, just select the area of cover that is appropriate for your trip. Full details of the countries covered within each area of cover can be found on the online quote page and also in the policy wording.

  •   I have an EHIC, does that provide me with travel Insurance?

    No, the European Health Insurance Card only entitles you to state healthcare at a reduced cost, or sometimes for free, when you are in a European Union country plus Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. The EHIC does not cover any medical treatment in a private hospital or clinic or the cost of additional accommodation or bringing you back home.

    Therefore it is important to have both and EHIC and travel insurance. If you use your EHIC you will not have to pay the policy excess.

    In a medical emergency, you may have no control over the hospital you are taken to, or the closest hospital may be private.

    The cost of medical treatment abroad varies considerably from country to country. Countries in Europe may offer customers treatment in state or public hospitals where in other countries the healthcare system is mainly in private hospitals (particularly in the USA and Canada). Medical costs in the USA (particularly California, Florida, Arizona and New York), Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai can be very expensive.

  •   My child is 17 now, but will be 18 when we travel, will they be considered a child or an adult?

    For travel insurance, age is at the date of purchasing the insurance. So if the policy is purchased before their 18th birthday they will qualify as a child for both Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip policies.

  •   What is the maximum duration I am covered for?

    For Single Trip policies the maximum duration is 90 days. For Annual Multi-Trip policy the maximum individual trip duration is 42 days and winter sports cover is up to a maximum of 22 days during the year.

  •   Can I travel to more than one country during my trip?

    Yes, providing you select the relevant area of cover for your full trip then you can travel to multiple countries during your holiday.

  •   What is Insurance Premium Tax?

    Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is the tax applicable to general insurance premiums.

  •   My payment is not working. What can I do?

    Please call our customer service team on 0333 207 0626 who will be able to assist you, or alternatively try again later.

  •   My computer has crashed / I don’t have a printer, can you send my documents?

    Yes, please contact a member of our customer service team on 0333 207 0626 to arrange for your duplicate policy documentation to be posted to you.

  •   Can I purchase a policy for my child only?

    Yes. However adult premiums are applicable.

  •   Can my grandchildren be insured on my policy?

    Yes a grandparent(s) travelling with their grandchildren can be covered on the same policy so long as they are travelling together. Grandparents can also benefit from our offer to insure 1 child (aged 17 or under and in full time education) per adult free of charge, when travelling with an insured adult on the same policy.

  •   What country should I select if I am going on a cruise?

    Please make sure you select the relevant area of cover for your full trip itinerary.

  •   If I apply online, will I be covered to go on holiday the same day?

    Yes, but please make sure you receive a copy of your policy schedule and read the policy documents prior to travelling, to ensure the cover meets your needs.