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Virgin Holidays Allianz Global Assistance

Travel insurance claims

You will often need to gather some information about your claim while you are away. In the policy document, under each section of cover there is a box called ‘What we will need if you make a claim’. This gives details of the extra information we need for each type of claim.

In a Medical Emergency
You must contact us immediately about any serious illness or accident where you have to go into hospital, return home early or extend your stay. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Phone: UK +44 (0)20 8666 0605
Textphone: UK +44 (0)20 8666 9562
Fax: UK +44 (0)20 8603 0204

Quote Virgin Holidays travel insurance and the number on your policy schedule.

For minor illnesses or accidents needing simple outpatient treatment where the medical expenses are under £250, if possible, please pay the bills, keep the receipts and make a claim when you return home.

Making a claim on your return home
Visit, our online claims notification service where you can obtain a claim form by email or by downloading directly from the site

Phone: 0208 666 0606 Textphone: 020 8666 9562
Write to: Travel claims department, PO Box 1900, Croydon CR90 9BA.

Quote Virgin Holidays travel insurance and the number on your policy schedule.

Claims service
Please fill in and return the claim form with all the information and documents we have asked for, as soon as possible.

For all claims we will need the following.

  • Your trip booking invoice (or invoices) and travel documents showing the dates and times of travel.
  • Original receipts and accounts for all out-of-pocket expenses you have paid.
  • Original bills or invoices.
  • Details of any other insurance you may have that may cover the same loss, such as home or private medical insurance policies.
  • As much evidence as possible to support your claim.